This is a question most people ask themselves. I really don’t understand why this is a question because no one knows the future so why not watch things and see as they unfold.

If you ask me,this would be my answer👇

What I want to be in 5 years is definitely unknown, I could be a mystery and you’d be in utter shock when you see me, isn’t that what everyone wants so that’s what everyone would say but think about it this way what if I’m still me? How pathetic would that be? Everyone would talk about the way I spent 5 years of my life doing nothing. People fail to realize that it’s not about what you’ve achieved only, it’s about how well you’re able to understand yourself and what significant changes you’ve made to your life , some of which only your true and close friends can notice.

If I had the chance to decide what I would be, I would be a crime fighter and solver. Feeling the rush of adrenaline each day and helping the society reduce bad people.

What do people love more than a good listener,someone who wouldn’t criticize them for their wrongs but would advise them instead.

I don’t need to explain the feeling gotten from helping out the needy especially those lacking justice due to financial issues. it’d be nice to help out.

I would be a detective,a psychologist and a human rights activist. In other words, I’d be ME.

What about you?, Let me know in the comment section. BYE.

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