What do you term as an accomplishment? People have different definitions for different situations that happen around them. Some being noteworthy and some totally irrelevant.

Successfully gossiping about someone and still pretending to be a friend could be an accomplishment only to people who have no serious goals. Acing all tests could be an accomplishment to a serious minded student. Being at the top of the class once could also be an accomplishment,it depends on how you place your priorities.

Getting accepted into Harvard after working so hard is not an accomplishment to me because you deserved it. Being well behaved in a class of rascals is an accomplishment not because you’re not supposed to be well behaved but because you could withstand the peer pressure and not be one of the rascals. Building a very high sand castle is an accomplishment.

Being a snake is definitely an accomplishment,that takes a whole lot of energy.

What do you term as an accomplishment? You can share it with me in the comment section below. Thank you.

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