How often do you read?

I once asked my father how he knows as much as he does when he hasn’t been to many countries and his reply was: I’ve travelled around the world by reading.

An apple each day keeps the doctor away but a book each day makes you more knowledgeable than the doctor. Some books are boring quite alright,there are books that no matter how much you try to shift away that mentality that it’s interesting it still remains boring but who told you it’s boring books that help- some people believe that-. Try reading motivational books and you’ll find yourself laughing. Try “The subtle art of not giving a fuck” by Mark Manson then you’ll understand what I mean.

Books that have movies are fun to read but it’s sad when your imagination gets ruined. I like to imagine characters in my own way and even give them a face according to the way their names sound. Watching the movie disappoints me and I wish I could make my own movie but the characters would be too wild. Books give you an opportunity to make your own script work,your movie comes to reality only it’s in your head . The joy of insulting someone with a character you named and everyone being so confused. Is it just me that finds that funny?

Reading is one of my hobbies and if it’s not on your list. I think you should try it sometime. If you have any book ideas you want to share,please do so in the comment section.


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