The ability to discern between right or wrong is not a problem but following what is right is a great problem.

When asked the cause of people’s actions,they blame it on their friends and every possible person or thing close to them . You wouldn’t walk into fire just because your friend wants you to , would you?. That’s the lamest excuse you could come up with…

Admitting your mistakes and working on them is what makes a person not averting it or blaming it on every possible thing. Being great doesn’t start in a day neither does it start from admitting one mistake. Recognizing one’s fault and failures and making attempts to mend it is a big step in becoming great.

If you’re afraid to go on the journey towards the right path,just take a step and guess what?….. You’ve started the journey already and rather than take the step back,you could make it 2 steps to your advantage..

Doing the right thing requires courage and confidence. You should be prepared to face some temptations and challenges . Nevertheless,that doesn’t mean that you should tell on others ,you can simply not be a part of the crew and choose not to get involved in the plan.

Some people see doing the right thing as telling on others,not keeping secrets and being an open book but then,you’d just become a vulnerable person and your actions would be very much predictable.. There’s a clear difference between doing the RIGHT thing and minding your business but I’m afraid people fail to understand this simple fact.

I just hope everyone gets to see this.

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