How does it feel to be foolish?

Jumping your way around although it takes more strength than walking. Doing things in an extra stupid way.

That’s the definition of my friend,HALIMAT… 6 years of living with her and I’m very happy I met her… She’s a definition of being foolishly smart..

She could be normal when she wants to but the problem is that she never wants to. She would scream across one end of the hall to the other,she would make really foolish remarks and oh God! Sometimes she really feels like a superhero although she’s one of the shortest girls I know.

She’s dark skinned-a perfect description of melanin-and she derives pleasure in flaunting her long hair. Have you ever wondered why people lack sense? She has me asking that question each day… She’s a mixed breed of foolishly smart humour,if that exists,and her smile is irresistible but when she’s angry,just know you’ve woken up the lion and you’re gonna get bitten… She would literally scream the whole place down.

FOOLISHNESS is a special quality when it comes to her because I’ve not seen anyone with such little sense. I love her and she’s my friend.


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