There’s a feeling you get when you ace a test but there’s a different feeling when you get a 100 percent on a test. There’s a feeling you get when you don’t perform well on a test and there’s a different feeling when you are at the bottom of the class.

Feelings are associated with achievements and failures and those feelings make us act the way we do sometimes. There’s a feeling of anger when you tell someone to stop doing something and the person ends up hurting you or someone or something related to you. How you react to that feeling of anger is entirely your fault and you’re responsible for whatever your actions cause.

I term it madness when someone says it’s the devil’s handiwork. Excuse me,the devil doesn’t force you to do anything.. If your mate cannot command you,why then should the devil have the power to. Madness is not only when a person is mentally unstable. Madness is when you let someone do something and because people are praising the person,you get angry and do something disastrous. Madness is when you cut your hair off and then wear a wig . Madness is when you chase a person from your life and then make the person the center of your world-that is what I call gossip-.

We’re allowed to feel however we want but we should have control over our actions and not lose our temper over petty things . After all,we have to pick the amount of fucks we give wisely.

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