A piece of advice

Is it just me or life seems to be a game where only the Wise win…

Happiness for other people’s successes is what makes a person great. It isn’t just about being sad all the time that you didn’t get an opportunity that everyone else got.. If opportunities aren’t coming your way,create one for yourself. Someone came up with blogging,it was an idea and the person didn’t let it end there,the idea was developed and now it’s known worldwide. Bill gates didn’t get rich in a day .

Sometimes I wonder just how foolish people are. From being a baby,you grow into an adult but you expect a business to flourish right away. You don’t have the endurance to tackle challenges and you want a hitch-free life, that’s what I call living in the prison of your dreams.

There’d be no light bulb yet or maybe it would have been invented later if Thomas Edison had given up on the 10th attempt. Words of a wise man;after making the light bulb after 999 failed attempts,his words were :I just learnt 99 ways of not making a light bulb”.

Many would have gotten tired after the 2nd attempt and later on when it gets invented by another person,they say their idea was stolen.

If you want to know how life works, operate it.

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