I wrote an examination last week and I felt really devastated when I got the results. You know,examinations have always been a topic for an argument. Are examinations necessary or not?. Personally, I see them as a waste of time and also a good way of evaluation, it depends on the examination. Noone would like it if after studying so hard all week and losing a lot of sleep, especially for someone like me.. I sleep a lot, I take the examination and I find it very easy but then the outcome proves otherwise. It’s not because I was wrong about it being easy neither is it because I didn’t read enough, they’ll blame it on the marking guide and make up a whole lot of excuses.. I hear that the reason behind that is to motivate the students to study harder, don’t you think it does the opposite. While some students get motivated, some lose interest totally in education and later on, the country will complain of having too many illiterates when they constitute a large part of the cause.

I really wish you could understand the pain students go through or better still communicate with me on what you think about this issue. Studying is hard even for intelligent people, having to assimilate a whole lot of things and being able to understand exactly what you read. Another problem is remembering it, for someone who suffers from “short-term memory”, it’d be really hard. Teachers don’t really understand this (maybe I’m just concluding). Being educated comes with a lot of struggles.

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