These 5 Reasons Could Be Why Our Society Is Suffering Immorality

Today the world is really suffering from immorality and evil deeds. This is as a result failure in the responsibility of parents not actually all but most.

Today immorality is just seen as in normal thing in our country. Some parents are not making effort to curb this instead they time to put more effort and supporting evil things to be done true any of the following ways.

  1. Lack of parental care.

Lack of parental care has contributed up to 50% of the cause of many social vices like prostitution and among many other forms of nasty acts. While you are not taking care of your child you are indirectly promoting and encouraging him or her to live on with we saw her normal life whether good or bad. Teenagers and children always tend to capture the negative side of whatever is happening more than the positive side.

  1. Contemptment.
    It is the lack of contentment that often leads Jung youth and vibrant men to join the ritualist company. Once they are not taught how to make use of whatever they have they will always have a tendency to acquire more there looking for means to get it, even if it means to get it illegally.
  2. Pamparing.

Parents of our present generation do no longer want to teach their children the right thing to do and the rights were to do it. Many parents pamper their children they do not want them to be flogged when they misbehave they keep siding for them and protecting them not knowing that those they are protecting are going to be the pillar of the society. It should be a great thing if parents stop over pampering their children and teach them what they should learn even if it means to teach them the hard way the most important thing is to instill in them the moral of what the society wants.

  1. Self-control.
    This has also constituted a major challenge in our society. Lack of self control can go beyond the extent you think it can. It destroys a lot and is totally not acceptable. It gives room for greediness among many others .
  2. Indiscipline.
  3. A disciplined child is always an awesome child. There’s always a great difference between a disciplined child and one who’s left to patrol the street up and Down. Teach tour child discipline and watch him or her grow responsibly.
    With the above outlined points, i hope parents should be able to spot out the one their children are lagging behind and help them to live up to standard as it requires.
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    Was this article helpful to you as a parent?

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