The potato peeling hack you’ll wish you knew sooner

What do you need to do to get through all those potatoes quickly? Well, according to Today , it’s a rather simple hack. Use a knife to make thin lines around the potatoes, then boil them until they’re nice and soft. Once they’re at the right consistency, don’t rush into peeling them. Here’s the game-changer: allow your boiled potatoes to sit in an ice bath for awhile. After they’ve cooled off, get down to peeling them with your hands. No additional tools needed.
A Reddit user who’s tried this method wrote that this basically “shocks” the potato skins and makes it easier to work with them. Another commentator vouched for the method as well. They explained, “I choose red potatoes so that I can leave the skin on for potato salad, it’s great that way and so much easier.” Hey, if it works, it works.

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