Meet The Woman Who Changed Her Skin Completion To That Of A Black Woman Through Surgery

The way individuals change their God given body to look a little different is really alarming. It is just as though they are not even scared to go through this surgical process considering that things sometimes may go wrong.
It was in 2017 that Martina Big began using tanning injections to achieve what she described as, a ‘crispy brown’ tan as she intended on transforming into an African woman.
“My first body modification procedure started in Spring 2012. I had a rhinoplasty, I got smaller legs, hips and waist as I wanted to create an extreme version of Barbie. In the past it was blonde Barbie with white skin but now it is an extreme exotic Barbie, ‘ the model from Trier, Germany said.

She first of all enhanced her bust before ‘transforming’ further. She also claimed that the tanning injections have made her eyes brown and her hair dark and curly.
The lady now seems to be wearing traditional African clothings and is learning Swahili and plans on changing her race.

With the change in her total appearance, she usually receives mixed feelings from people who disagrees with what she had done to her body. But she stated that even her boyfriend supports her and the decision she made.
‘It’s really hard to explain why I am feeling black, but even as I go out I am much more in contact with the black persons than the white persons. Even they know me. I feel the same like the black people. ‘ Martina said.

She has spent over £50, 000 on cosmetic surgery, including her enhanced breasts which she can pump up by injecting saline. And she explained that her breasts are actually the biggest breast of Europe.
Now, she is planning on tweaking some parts of her body to ‘fit her new African look’. Martina said that her nose do not match her African look and that she plans to make her nose, lips and her butt bigger too which for me is just too extreme.

Yes, plastic surgery can help to enhance some parts to your desired appearance you would like and make you feel confident. But in this procedure, mistakes do happen and can get one to be highly addicted to it, in the manner that any slight flaw you notice, can make you go back for another surgery.
In general, plastic surgery shouldn’t be what defines ones beauty and lifestyle but being your natural self is more accommodating and free to live with.

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