Grow Your Hair Long With This 2 Minutes Recipe

Ladies love their hair long and healthy but they lack right ingredients and creams responsible of growing a long hair within a short period.
Today, we are going to look at Three simple ingredients and recipes for growing a long hair.
First Ingredient is rice water, rice water is believed to contain chemicals resiponsible for opening hair follicles and make your hair grow longer and strong.

You can extract your rice water by washing your rice and sieving it, to make it efficient by ensuring that you leave it to ferment for atleast 3 day before using.
procedure of Using rice .
Wash your hair with rice water and tie it in knots, cover your hair for atleast 30 minutes then wash it with clean water and hair shampoo.
The second recipe to grow your hair long is, Coconut oil, neem leaves, Ginger and vitamin C.

grind your ginger, neem leaves and aloe vera, extract their Juice and place it on a bath, add your coconut oil and stir it thoroughly, heat your mixture indirectly for atleast 15 minute.
place your mixture in a cool place for instance a fridge for atleast 5 days and let it condense before use
How to Use This Recipe.

Apply this oil on the scalp and massage it thoroughly, them tie your hair in knots and cover it for atleast 30 minute, repeat this procedure twice a week and see your hair grow long in a short time.

Final recipe is the use of vaseline cream and onions, this is one of the simplest trick, all you need to do is grind your onion and wash your hair using the onion’s juice but ensure that you massage your scalp thoroughly using the onion’s juice, apply your Vaseline cream on the scalp while massaging it.
Use any of the above tricks in growing your hair and you will enjoy a heavy, strong and healthy hair.

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